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An acclaimed, pampered, and celebrated actress in the National Theatre, Natalija has caught the eye of a high-ranking German officer named Franz.

Marko has set up weapons storage and hideaway spot in the cellar of his grandfather's house.

Marko lets Blacky's pregnant wife Vera know that they enrolled Blacky in the Communist Party (KPJ).

Later, the hungover Blacky is eating breakfast while pregnant Vera complains about his supposed affair with a theatre actress.

After the air raid is over, Blacky goes out against the wishes of his wife and inspects the devastated city.

Following their interception of a large trainload of weapons, Marko and Blacky are identified as dangerous bandits in Nazi radio bulletins.

While Blacky is off hiding in the woods as Germans are intensifying door-to-door raids in the city, Marko takes Vera, Ivan and many others into the cellar to hide.

Encountering building ruins and escaped wild animals from the zoo, he also runs into disconsolate Ivan carrying a baby chimp named Soni.

The Royal Yugoslav Army's resistance is quickly broken, and Nazis soon occupy and dismember the entire Kingdom.

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Po sopstvenom priznanju, morao je da reaguje i stane u odbranu časti jedne glumice koju je neki nedžentlmen uhvatio za zadnjicu.

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