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Just a portion of the covenants researched and verified include: The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Assyrian Christians The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of Persia The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Armenian Christians The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Jews of Maqna The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Yemenite Jews The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Zoroastrians The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Coptic Christians of Egypt The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Syriac Orthodox Christians The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Samaritans The Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Zoroastrians John Morrow believes in and has launched a campaign to promote the idea that it is incumbent upon Muslims to adhere to the divinely composed wishes laid down by the Prophet Muhammad.This Covenant Initiative asks that members of all sects of Islam sign off on a declaration which says, “We the undersigned hold ourselves bound by the spirit and the letter of the covenants of the Prophet Muhammad…with the Christians of the world, in the understanding that these covenants, if accepted as genuine, have the force of law in the shariah today and that nothing in the shariah, as traditionally and correctly interpreted, has ever contradicted them.” The declaration, mirroring the intention of the covenants themselves, continues, specifically seeking to rebuild the bridge first outlined by the Prophet Muhammad between all the major monotheistic religions.Composed within months of his arrival in Yathrib (Medina), in 622 CE, the Constitution detailed an explicit administrative and governmental structure and specific rights and benefits of all citizens, including, “To the Jew who follows us belong help and equality.He shall not be wronged nor shall his enemies be aided.” Al-Waqidi, a historian writing 200 years after the fact, explains that “ …when the Messenger of God arrived in Medina, the Jews, all of them, were reconciled with him, and he wrote an agreement between him and them.There will be no change to their rights and privileges.No bishop shall be removed from his bishopric; no monk from his monastery, and no priest from his parish.The Prophet attached every tribe with its confederates and established a protection between himself and them.He stipulated conditions to them, among which it was stipulated that they would not help any enemy against him.” In addition to this, the Constitution of Medina drew up laws that took the Ummah, the Islamic nation state, from a mere theocracy, or even a strictly political entity, into a social construction that had never before been attempted, a hybrid state in which a benign umbrella was spread over all, regardless of whether they were Muslim, Christian, Sabean, or Jew, all monotheists in the Abrahamic tradition.

In the “ No bishop is to be driven out of his bishopric. No changes will be made with regards to their rights and sovereignty or anything in their possession provided that they remain friendly [towards Islam and Muslims]. They will not be oppressed nor will they oppress.” echoes these ideas, “To the Christians of Najran and its neighboring territories, God’s protection and the pledge of His Prophet extend to their lives, their religion, and their property.

(December 23, 2017) By Barbara Castleton Even with so much information bombarding every one of us all day every day, it is still a rare moment when we can legitimately stop and say, “Wow! ” Such was my reaction when a co-author and friend, Dr. details documents composed by the Prophet Muhammad in the early days of his caliphate which granted unheard of rights to non-Muslims, including Christians and Jews. Aren’t we told almost daily that Muslims despise these two groups?

Certainly, some may think so, either out of true belief or politically driven agendas, but just as our plantation-owning southern forefathers thought slavery was a condition approved by God and promoted in the Bible, the modern reigning view of Islam has a not a few fallacious quirks as well.

Says Morrow, “ A visionary long-term planner, the Prophet understood that the spread of Islam could take centuries.

What he sought to create were the conditions under which the seeds of Islam could be planted and watered, thus enabling Muslim seeds to sprout, grow, and spread.

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As much as Muhammad was the prophet of God and the receiver of divine instruction, he was also the soul and architect of the Islamic state, or Ummah, a body of influence, culture, religious strength, and expansion that had more to do with acculturation than subjugation.

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