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A good example of a reasonably priced spectrum analyzer is the Kaltman Creations HF4060 RF Spectrum Analyzer.

An 802.11 USB adapter allow for the easy connection of a wireless adapter to the penetration testing system.

It can be used in conjunction with Metasploit where if an exploit exists in Metasploit, it can be launched directly from Retina to verify that the vulnerability exists.External antennas come in a variety of shapes, based upon the usage and with a variety of connectors.All external antennas must have RP-SMA connectors that are compatible with the Alfa.Useful for decompiling flash apps and finding hard-coded credentials, etc.One of the most complete penetration testing Linux distributions available.

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As such it is a requirement to have the ability to use the three major operating systems at one time. Since this is a hardware platform as well, this makes the selection of specific hardware extremely simple and ensures that all tools will work as designed.

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