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As New Zealand is a full participant of the scheme, foreign cardholders can enter New Zealand visa-free for up to 90 days.Although the United States is not a full participant in the scheme, card holders can use special fast-track lanes for aircrew at international airports in the United States, but they are still subject to regular entry/visa requirements.This permits them to issue ABTCs to their own citizens and nationals so that they can take advantage of expedited visa appointment and immigration clearance procedures in other economies, but without their citizens and nationals enjoying additional visa-free travel, or having to grant visa-free travel status to holders of APEC cards issued by other participating economies. It is also possible for a citizen of a third party country (including the United States and Canada) who is also permanent resident of Hong Kong to apply for an APEC card via the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Two economies are transitional members: United States and Canada. began accepting applications for ABTCs in June 2014, while Canada announced in October 2013 that it would begin a limited-participation trial programme.Different economies may have very different criteria for vetting applications from their own citizens; for example, Hong Kong accepts applications from all permanent resident bona fide business people, but Australia restricts participation to representatives of businesses which generate at least AU million in exports, are members of the Forbes 2000, or meet other similarly strict criteria.After submitting an application, an applicant's name is circulated amongst the other participating economies which give entry pre-clearance when all conditions are met.The names of the economies for which entry pre-clearance has been given are printed on the card's reverse.It may take as long as three to four months for all member economies to respond to the pre-clearance queries from the applicant's government, as a result of which applicants may choose to have their card issued without waiting for some governments' dilatory responses and thus not enjoy travel privileges in those economies.

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