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Every time he opens his mouth, a designer NASCAR purse falls out! He and Scott Speed both got married around the same time. This comes from my aunt that really never talks about anyone.

Does anyone believe that those two weren't ordered by NASCAR to man up? I am straight and while at home I jokingly said "fix me up with Dale Jr or JG" The reply was something along the lines of Dale Jr is into the younger bimbos (not an exact quote) and Jeff Gordon is not interested in women.[quote]If you are gay no Nascar, go for Le Mans or even Indy racing, actually if you are gay, non-white or female.

James has been given a hired Ferrari to drive around Chelsea in so he can look the part. As they speed off around the residential square they have parked in, Sam Prince remarks that 'this car just has girls written all over it'. Liv is giddy as giddy can be now that she's got a proper boyfriend.

If you'll recall, this is precisely how Harry made his first appearance earlier in the year. Digby doesn't really speak, but that's okay because he sends shivers down to her legs when she is with him.

She refuses to move along whatever seems to be happening between her and Mytton by inviting him as her date to Liv and Digby's dinner party. At the aforementioned dinner party, Sophie and Victoria are separated and come up with a safe word in case things get unbearable at the table.

Having said this, she then plays footsie with Harry, essentially giving him the go ahead to ask her out and ruin his and Mytton's friendship in the process. Like all good safe words, it's something they can easily slip into conversation. It was either going to be that or 'flying buttress' or 'fax machine'.

If anyone has any idea what he's referring to, do write in to us.

She says it as if she and Jamie are a couple, but we all know Jamie is using Clementine in his Fulham-based version of Cruel Intentions. As winter is well and truly 'pon us, Mark Francis, Sophie and Victoria are critiquing how common people tend to behave in the colder months.

He informs her that he is quite the gentleman and would happily communicate with her via text or Whats App, rather than Mytton's preferred method of Instagram Messenger.

At the jazz evening, Frankie informs Clementine that Jamie is using her, as a soothing saxophone plays in the backdrop.

Indeed, whilst playing a casual game of ice hockey on a seemingly deserted ice rink, Jamie tells Proudlock and Ryan that 'Mission: Beat Frankie At Her Own Game' is well underway, with Clementine as the pawn in his sexual mind games. Apparently, big no nos include wrapping one's hands around a mug when drinking from it, and watching box sets.

They tell him that word on the street is that James and Frankie have kissed, which enrages Jamie. There's also mention by Mark Francis of people who are 'zipped to the floor in duvets in which they shuffle like sausages'.

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Also stay away from Country Music too, the soundtrack of Nascar and the Republican party.

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