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Which means you’ll never have to wonder where you stand; in fact, your inner confidence will radiate that it’s up to YOU to decide if HE gets to see you again. And if HE has fun, he’s always going to come back for more.

What an amazing paradigm shift, especially if you’re a woman who sometimes gets nervous around the most impressive men. (Unless he’s a disappearing jerk, in which case you don’t want him anyway.

He was attractive, he was smart, he was successful. She’s coming off of a roller-coaster dating experience that has left her confused and heartbroken. After joining my Inner Circle, Jennifer, was excited to have attracted a different kind of guy.

Your amazing boyfriend possessed almost everything on your wishlist. My client, Jennifer, is a smart, successful and sexy woman in her mid-50’s.

Most importantly you love that, despite his interests, the right guy ALWAYS makes time for you. He has a serious ex-girlfriend or wife in his past about whom he speaks highly. But he knows that these women have nothing to do with you. He doesn’t spend any time agonizing as to whether he’s “doing okay” on the date, or wondering “where this is going” or “if you’re seeing anybody else”.

Emotionally Intelligent – He’s been in relationships before. You are a unique individual with her own complex set of experiences and needs. He doesn’t need to pressure you into a relationship.

Let’s start by looking at what’s attractive IN men: Independent – He’s got a life outside of you.

Imagine if he’d pulled this stuff after 6 months, or 2 years. Your strongest move after such an incident is to be like the attractive man: independent, emotionally, intelligent, and confident. I’m a dancer and we talk about energy ALL the time. Mostly because a lot of dancers are gay and so the understanding of gender and roles in that world is more fluid. Although I worry about Caroline's lack of credentials, Jane speaks highly of her, and in this era of information overload, a strong personal recommendation goes a long way.Besides, there's no central database collating information on coaches.So if what is attractive IN men is also what’s attractive TO men, how can you be at your most attractive to the men you desire?Apply the same lessons that men should apply and you’re on the right track. Don’t leave Friday night open in hopes that he may contact you.

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And no matter whether his last relationship dumped him, cheated on him, or took half his money, he doesn’t hold any of it against YOU. He knows that he’s good enough and trusts that you’re going to respond to him.

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