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Starting in Season 33, the ½ Car tags were limited to Rounds 2 and 3, and the Fiesta became the only vehicle offered by them.The car changed back to the Nissan Versa in Season 35.Shortly into Season 29, the ½ Car pieces returned as "½ Kia" license plate-shaped tags featuring the logo of said manufacturer and offering a ,000 Kia Soul.One was still over the blue 0, but the other moved one wedge counterclockwise to the green 0 (changed from 0), also resulting in Wild Card's relocation to the pink 0. Also, the tags are now lost to Bankrupts in subsequent rounds.A correct letter call credits that amount multiplied by how many times the called letter is in the puzzle.

Beginning in the late 1980s, the slide whistle sound was not heard if the host hit it on the Final Spin.

From October 24-28 and 31 (the first episodes taped in Season 29), the tags said "½ Car" in blue, similarly to the first ones, and offered a ,999 Ford Fiesta plus 0 per consonant; the Kia tags returned on November 1, but were absent on December 5 due to it being a sixth episode from the season premiere week.

They are still replaced in subsequent rounds if one is picked up, unless the car is won.

Hitting the "car" space in the middle awarded the tag plus 0 per consonant; solving the puzzle allowed the contestant to keep the tag, and getting two awarded a Hyundai Accent.

The ½ Car Wedges were in play from Rounds 1-3, and located over the orange 0 and blue 0 next to the red 0. The original "Car" tags were unique in that they were not lost to Bankrupts hit in subsequent rounds (but were lost to Bankrupts hit in the same round).

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