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“What insecure, which is a particularly lethal combination that gets in the way of a building a healthy relationship.” (MORE: Real Shades of Gray) The comb-over is definitely the most detested look. Take it all off.” And one woman who requested anonymity confessed that she loves the way the stubble feels “two to three days after initial shaving.

A sunburnt scalp is the first clue they are going bald for some men.

The effect is that the bitemporal recession produces a slowly expanding triangle of hair loss over each temple, without sparing any of the follicles within the affected zone. Even more baffling is the observation that when hairs adjacent to an enlarging bald patch are transplanted to a different part of the body they still miniaturize on schedule as if they were still growing the scalp.

This pretty much rules out a diffusible chemical and suggests the process of hair miniaturization that shrinks the hairs to fluff is already programmed into the hair follicle DNA.

When androgenetic alopecia first starts it preferentially shrinks the secondary hairs, so that the follicular units on the affected scalp only produce one terminal hair rather than a tuft of hairs.

It is only when the primary hair - the last remaining fibre form the tuft disappears that bald scalp emerges.

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